About equipmed

About Equipmed

Supplier of infection and mould control equipment

Established in Australia in 1976, Equipmed is now a leading provider of innovative aesthetic, medical, and infection control equipment, leading the way in anti-contamination management. 

Equipmed’s aesthetic division began manufacturing products in 2002. Eight years later, Dermapenworld was born and the first Dermapen™ was launched onto the world stage. This groundbreaking technology combined with DermapenWorld’s synergistic solutions has seen rapid growth across the world.

Equipmed Australia’s strength is dedication and our goal always remains to provide the best solutions for the best outcomes at the best prices. Our focus is currently Anti-Contamination Management and providing world class solutions in Infection Control. With our exclusive distribution rights in Australia, we bring you the finest products from Oxy’Pharm in France.

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Anti-Contamination Management (ACM)

Anti Contamination Management protects the cleanliness and safety of people and their surroundings. It ensures that the cleaning agent does not spread contaminants around and that products do not leave behind harmful residuals.

The advancements in science and equipment of the past several years have given us the ability to limit the amount of contaminants we receive during our day-to-day lives. However, if we do not take adequate steps to protect our environment from contaminants, we run the risk of coming down with a communicable disease.

As manufacturers of the revolutionary Dermapen—the skin needling device that uses sterile needles to stimulate the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate collagen growth to treat skin concerns, including wrinkles and scars—we understand the importance of ACM. We provide a range of products to prevent cross-contamination between people, equipment and surfaces, such as antimicrobial cleansers, sterile dressings, masks and examination gloves.

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Infection and Mould control

Infection control and mould control solutions are products and methods employed to reduce or prevent the spread of infection and mould in multiple settings, including healthcare, airlines and at home.

They can include anything from hand hygiene products and disinfectants to masks and gloves to portable machines that disinfect a room at the touch of a button.

Appointed as the exclusive distributor of OxyPharm France in 2009, Equipmed Australia is now a major supplier of infection control and mould control solutions with a comprehensive range of high-quality broad-spectrum disinfection and sterilisation products, including NocoSpray with NocoLyse Solution, that produce total air and surface disinfection

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