Disinfectant for Aged Care – The Wonder of NocoSpray

While aged care facilities should provide a comfortable environment for their residents, one thing that is important in caring for elderly people is keeping them safe. Covid-19 certainly underlined the real threat to care home residents against a virulent virus. Thus, the prevention and control of infection in care homes and dealing efficiently with an infectious outbreak has become more crucial than ever–and why NocoSpray offers a safe and effective disinfection solution, eliminating 99.99% of harmful pathogens, including Coronavirus. 

What is the NocoSpray Concept? 

NocoSpray is the Infection Control Solution for Aged Care, to ensure a hygienic, germ-free environment. It is highly effective at killing germs and disinfecting, sanitising both the air as well as surfaces. The beauty of NocoSpray is that the machine does the work. 

How does NocoSpray Work? 

After standard cleaning protocols have been performed, the NocoSpray is placed in the centre of the room and the cycle chosen activated once you press the start button. The door should be shut behind you once you’ve left the room and should remain out of bounds to anyone until the cycle has finished. When finished, the room will have achieved total surface and air disinfection—leaving it with a pleasant, mint fragrance too. NocoSpray will kill all odours of an organic nature. 

NocoSpray is a patented technology that delivers vapourised H202 (hydrogen peroxide) NocoLyse disinfectant solution, containing 6% H2O2, distilled water and silver. The Nocospray Machine manufactures an H2O2 vapour, and spores and yeasts. Thus, NocoSpray’s hydrogen peroxide vapour compounds can protect the health of care home residents, staff and visitors by creating a hygienic environment and by containing outbreaks easily and efficiently. 

NocoSpray machines are capable of disinfecting a space up to 1000m3, although several machines can be run in tandem for larger spaces. If you have much larger areas, the NocoMax can cover up to 20,000m3. Check the video here on how NocoSpray works.

How NocoSpray Works in Aged Care 

Older people’s immune systems are not as resilient as they once were, and they are more at risk of infection and disease. With the close proximity and vulnerability of residents in care homes infections can spread rapidly and relentlessly. Therefore, prevention and control of infection in aged care homes to keep residents, staff and visitors safe and infection-free is paramount. 

Patented Disinfectant Technology  

NocoSpray’s revolutionary technology is a world leader in disinfection. [GU3]  

Effective agaisnt Coronavirus 

NocoSpray/NocoLyse is TGA registered hospital grade disinfectant and is effective against Covid-19 following a study to the Standard NF EN 17272, (April 2020) which tests the Virucidal Activity of the NocoSpray Vapour on Human Coronavirus 229E. 

Destroys 99.99% of Harmful Pathogens 

NocoTech technologies have been Laboratory Tested, against the Standard test organisms required.  Its effectiveness is verified against the complete spectrum of all harmful bacteria, viruses, spores, fungus, moulds and yeasts. such as Norovirus and other gastro-intestinal virus and flu. 

NosoSpray/NocoLyse is also effective in eliminating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including VRE, MRSA, ESBL and CRE. Furthermore, in an Aged Care setting, its importance in combatting Flu, Covid, Norovirus and gastro-intestinal bugs cannot be underestimated in preventing the rapid transmission of infectious diseases across a vulnerable population. 

Bed Bugs and Scabies 

Care homes can be challenging when it comes to pest control—particularly with bed bugs, or the skin condition scabies that is caused by the burrowing mite, Sarcoptes scabiei. The health and wellbeing of the residents is uppermost, and a pest infestation can have a serious impact on vulnerable people, especially those with pre-existing health conditions. 

An infestation can quickly escalate and get out of control if not dealt with in a timely manner and NocoSpray can be used to deal with pests in the same way as harmful micro-organisms by eradicating them. 

How Safe is NocoSpray? 

The NocoSpray system is only for use when there are no people (or animals) present in the room. Furniture can be left in the room and drawers left open so the vapour can penetrate every nook and cranny.   

The dry vapour released from the NocoSpray appliance biodegrades totally into oxygen.  Surfaces do not need to be wiped down after NocoSpray as it leaves behind no residue or wetness, is non-corrosive, will not damage anything in the room and is safe to use in any area. 

NocoSpray—The Disinfectant System for Aged Care Facilities 

In summary, NocoSpray is a hydrogen peroxideeliminates odours. Its formulation was devised by leading scientists and it is proven effective against Coronarvirus and troublesome multi-resistant bacteria. NocoTech also offers a a powerful insecticide that exterminates flying and crawling insects, including cockroaches. 

NocoSpray is safe to use around people and animals and provides a potent weapon in the prevention and control of infection in aged care homes. 

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