How can NocoSpray and Nocomax help to reduce the spread of influenza and Covid-19 in Art Galleries and Museums?

NocoSpray and NocoMax (NocoTech) are leading names associated with the prevention and control of infection. The patented technology disperses a micro-fine disinfectant  vapour into a room, killing 99.99% of harmful pathogens and its TGA approved against Covid. It is a safe disinfectant for art galleries and museums as it will not harm the exhibits, and it can play a huge role in controlling the transmission of infection among visitors. Here, we take a look at how NocoSpray and NocoMax work to reduce the spread of Covid19, influenza and other infectious diseases and why it is one of the best options for art galleries and museums. 

As the world grappled with the outbreak of Covid-19, understandably, public places had to take extraordinary measures to keep people safe–with many shutting down completely. Once they began to re-open, good hygiene practices, such as mask wearing, using hand sanitisers and socially distancing became a common part of our lives. While these measures can still play a part in mitigating the spread of infection, tackling the root cause and getting rid of the bugs that cause infections would be the better option. This is where NocoSpray and NocoMax come in. 

What is NocoSpray/NocoMax? 

NocoSpray/NocoMax is a patented technology that delivers a solution of vapourised 6% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), 30 ppm silver and distilled water disinfectant into the atmosphere. This combination is highly effective at eradicating germs from both the air and on surfaces by killing the micro-organisms. 

The difference between NocoSpray and NocMax is that NocoSpray is a smaller, much more portable machine that can disinfect spaces up to 1000m3, whereas NocoMax is effective for much larger areas up to 20,000m3. For anything in between, several NocoSpray machines can be positioned apart and run simultaneously to ensure effective sanitisation of the whole area. 

Why Use NocoSpray/NocoMax in Art Galleries and Museums? 

1:     Without the use of harsh chemicals, NocoSpray/NocoMax destroys 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and yeasts. With the technology, fine droplets of the product delivers the microfine disinfectant solution (NocoLyse) as a vapour into the air. This causes a chemical reaction when harmful pathogens come into contact with it, causing them to self-destruct.   

2:     NocoTech is a safer and more effective way to disinfect and in laboratory tests is shown to kill 99.99% of all bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and spores. 

3:     NocoTech is TGA registered as a hospital grade disinfectant approved for  Covid19. 

4:     The technology is easy to operate. Just place the disinfectant solution in the machine, choose the cycle and switch on to let it do its thing. In as little as 30 minutes the cycle is complete, and you can re-enter the room which is now thoroughly sanitised. 

5:     The disinfectant is dispensed as a dry vapour with no residue so there is no need to wipe down/dry surfaces after the cycle. 

6:     Germs cannot develop a resistance to it because it alters the cell composition of the microorganisms on contact. 

7:     NocoTech products are harmless to the environment, biodegrading fully within minutes. The products can be used safely in environments that children, vulnerable adults and animals use. It is safe to use anywhere—even in food preparation areas. 

8:     The product is non-corrosive and will not harm anything within a room—and is an ideal solution for areas with art exhibits and other artifacts that must be protected. It has been CASA approved for use in aircraft and is used in operating theatres, imaging centres and laboratories as it does not damage sensitive electronic or electrical equipment. 

Check out the video of NocoSpray in use.

Other NocoTech Products 

NocoTech has a range of products that can be used in combination with the NocoSpray/NocoMax machines. There are three disinfectants—the standard 6% hydrogen peroxide solution, a stronger 12% solution for preventive measures and a 7.8% solution specifically for food preparation areas. 

We also carry other Anti Contamination products such as gloves, sanitisers etc. Check them out here.

Find Out More About Reducing the Spread of Infectious Disease with NocoTech 

An average adult can touch up to 30 objects in a minute. This can soon add up to a lot of cross-contamination on surfaces in high-traffic areas including door handles and soap dispensers in bathrooms, as well as menus, trays and cutlery dispensers in self-serve cafes that are often found in galleries and museums. 

NocoSpray/NocoMax are powerful and effective infection control solutions that kill a wide range of pathogens that cause infectious diseases. They work well in all enclosed settings and are highly recommended for buildings that welcome large numbers of the public. If you have any questions about our products and how they work as a disinfectant for art galleries and museums, please contact us 

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