How NocoSpray helps keep patients and staff safe in Hospitals?

NocoSpray is one of the most powerful disinfectants for hospitals and is effective against Covid-19, flu and hospital-acquired infections, such as MRSA. It eradicates dangerous pathogens—both in the air and on surfaces—and is safe to use in multiple departments, including wards, radiography, laboratories and even food preparation areas. 

The healthcare industry is notorious for its high rate of infection and disease, which puts patients’ lives in danger. To protect patients, staff and visitors, hospitals must have robust disinfection and infection control strategies in place. These strategies include the proper use of cleaners, sanitisers and disinfectants to provide a safe and healthy environment. 

The Importance of Infection Control for Hospitals 

How does a hospital control infection?

Although hospitals may be clean, germs can still be lurking. However, even with the best sanitation, germs may still be present. 

The importance of infection control and disinfection in a hospital cannot be overemphasized. Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are a major cause of patient illness as well as prolonged hospital stays and increased risks for hospital readmission. HAIs are a global problem, with millions of patients affected each year. It is well known that environmental contamination in healthcare settings contributes to the spread of HAIs. 

Although infection prevention starts with good hand hygiene, a healthcare institution should implement a comprehensive approach to infection control. Using environmental cleaning and disinfection best practices, as well as proper cleaning and disinfection of equipment and devices, helps control HAIs and increases patient safety. 

In different health-care settings, contamination has been linked to major outbreaks of major bacteria strains including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), Clostridioides difficile (C.diff). Furthermore, patients are at a higher risk of being colonised or infected with an HAI if they stay in a room that had been previously occupied by an infected patient. 

HAIs can be transmitted via a number of pathways—particularly frequently-touched surfaces, such as bed rails, light switches, tables and chairs. Moreover, infectious germs can last a considerable time—especially in hard-to-reach areas—and can remain a threat for months. One way of ensuring that no surfaces are left untouched by a disinfection process is with the disinfection diffuser NocoSpray—its patented technology kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens—even in places that are hard to reach.   

What is NocoSpray? 

NocoSpray is a patented technology that releases an aerosolised solution of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) vapour that disinfects surfaces and the air. With NocoSpray, the machine does all the work—simply set the program, press start and leave the room! Its disinfection system includes the NocoSpray appliance and the NocoLyse disinfectant solution containing 6% hydrogen peroxide, distilled water and 30 ppm of silver. The machine warms the NocoLyse solution to turn it into a dry vapour, releasing it into the atmosphere. It is one of the most efficient ways to kill germs and create a sterile environment. 

How to Use NocoSpray in Hospitals 

NocoSpray is specifically designed to be used in an enclosed area up to 1000 m3 and is highly portable. It can easily be moved from room to room. Larger rooms will require the use of more than one machine that can be run at the same time, or the NocoMax for effective disinfection up to 20,000 m3. 

Before running NocoSpray, rooms must be free of debris and cleaned to remove dust and dirt. Cabinets, drawers and cupboards can be left open to allow the vapour to disinfect the inside of cabinets. 

NocoSpray has various programmes. Choose one, place the machine in the centre of a room and start it. You are given a 15-second time window to leave the room before the appliance activates. Please be aware that although NocoSpray is a safe product to use in areas shared by children and vulnerable adults, the equipment should only be used in an unoccupied, room in order to prevent interference with the disinfection process. Rooms are ready for use again quickly—with the shortest programme taking as little as 30 minutes. Check the video here on how easy it is to use.

Benefits of Using NocoSpray in Hospitals 

NocoSpray is a hospital-grade disinfectant that can be used in hospitals with confidence.   

  • Nocospray destroys 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, viruses, Spore, fungus, moulds and yeasts.
  • Machines can be used to disinfect separate rooms and areas, and in the case of an outbreak, can disinfect an entire wing quickly.
  • Suitable for entry areas, patient pods, utility rooms, bathrooms, clinic and waiting areas, kitchens, dining rooms—virtually anywhere that is an enclosed space.
  • The appliance produces a harmless gas that biodegrades into oxygen.
  • It is non-corrosive and will not damage sensitive electronic equipment, such as patient monitoring equipment, or scanning machines, so it is safe to use in any area.
  • Total Air and Surface Disinfection which destroys airborne germs in seconds, causing them to self-destruct.
  • There is no post Treatment wiping necessary, however, opening windows and doors for airing is advised before re-habitation by humans and animals.
  • Pathogens cannot develop resistance as they are completely destroyed on contact.
  • It is also effective against scabies and bed bugs—killing adults and larvae on contact.
  • Provides excellent pest control against flying and crawling insects, including cockroaches.
  • Gets rid of mould and prevents the growth of mould by removing spores in the air  

NocoSpray – Effective Infection Control for Hospitals 

NocoSpray is a strong anti-microbial measure against many infectious diseases. It is one of the most powerful disinfectants for hospitals that have been lab-tested for effectiveness against a variety of diseases and is TGA approved and also highly effective against Covid 19. It prevents cross-contamination—one of the most important problems in hospitals and laboratories. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our product or how to make the most of it in your workplace. 


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