How NocoSpray is helping the commercial cleaning industry with staff shortages

Since the pandemic outbreak, there has been a greater focus on cleaning for health and hygiene in both homes and workplaces. This shift in mentality has seen an increase in commercial cleaning services that emphasise cleanliness for health purposes. However, the commercial cleaning industry is facing a staffing crisis. There are not enough workers to fill the demand, which has led to a high turnover rate, making it difficult for businesses to maintain their cleaning workforce. 

NocoSpray is a patented technology that can help businesses in the commercial cleaning industry overcome these staffing challenges. It is a disinfection system that a single person can operate. This means that companies can sanitise more areas with fewer workers and use workers more effectively. This new technology can help businesses save money, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of their cleaning. 

What’s Causing Staff Shortages?

After the stop-start of Covid lockdowns, Australia is ready to party. However, many businesses—from restaurants to sporting stadiums to commercial cleaning companies—are facing difficult times after a considerable exodus of holiday workers and international students with strict border closures leaving a gaping hole in the market for casual workers. 

The number of travellers with work visas was down by two-thirds in the June quarter of 2021, while international student numbers decreased by 17% in 2021—on top of a 7% fall in 2020. Australia’s cleaning industry relies on students to make up at least 30% of its workforce. Coupled with employees migrating to other industries where pay rates are higher, it is little wonder that staff shortages are beginning to bite. 

Utilise new cleaning technology to retain cleaning staff

If you manage a commercial cleaning company, you know that one of the job’s most important – and challenging – aspects is retaining good cleaning staff.  

High turnover rates are, unfortunately, quite common in the commercial cleaning industry. The indirect consequences of employee turnover can include a loss of institutional knowledge and experience, lower morale, and a loss of faith in the team’s ability to perform. If left unchecked, turnover can become a systemic problem that spreads throughout the organisation and negatively affects your entire business. 

A high turnover rate also means more time training new employees and less cleaning. But new cleaning technology can help. The latest cleaning machines are more efficient and effective than ever, so your employees can get the job done faster and with less effort. This can be a big selling point for attracting and retaining good staff. In addition, new technology can help keep your employees safe and healthy, both of which are important for retention. 

How NocoSpray Technology can help commercial cleaning companies with staff shortages

1: Specialty Disinfectant Cleaning 

Post-Covid, many businesses appreciate the need for disinfection as well as cleaning. NocoSpray can help you deliver both services, but without the need for additional staff. After cleaning a room, your cleaning staff place the NocoSpray system in the centre of a room, select the programme and press the start button to disinfect the entire room in less than 30 minutes. While the area is being disinfected, your staff have moved on to cleaning the next room. 

2: NocoSpray Disinfects All Surfaces 

NocoSpray effectively disinfects all surfaces, including the inside of drawers, cupboards (if left open), and those difficult-to-reach places. The entire room, including ceilings, air-conditioning ducts, nooks, and crannies that manual cleaning may miss, is reached by the dry vapour dispersed by the NocoSpray system. It is more effective and less time-consuming than traditional manual disinfectant cleaning. Furthermore, it eliminates harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces—which cannot be achieved with conventional cleaning! 

3: Safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive 

NocoSpray technology is user-friendly and safe. It is non-toxic to humans (including children) and animals. There is no need for your team to wear special clothing or be careful handling dangerous chemicals—the only requirement is for rooms to be empty of people or animals during the cycle. Furthermore, the active ingredient in NocoLyse (the NocoSpray disinfectant solution) is hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down within minutes to oxygen. Additionally, it is safe to use in rooms containing sensitive electronic equipment and electrics, including computers. 

The Bottom Line

Since Covid, businesses are emphasising more on providing safe environments free from harmful pathogens. NocoSpray is effective against Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, including ebola, c, diff, flu, and more.  

Although it takes a lot of time and energy to train new cleaning staff—not to mention the cost of recruiting and onboarding, NocoSpray allows you to easily re-deploy your existing teams to provide disinfectant cleaning using NocoSpray technology, helping to avoid staff shortages. 

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