How to reduce infections in Childcare and Kindergarten using NocoSpray

There are many areas in childcare settings that are known to be germ hotspots, like bathrooms, kitchens, food preparation and dining areas, not to mention toy boxes. However, infection control for childcare is challenging for several reasons, not least because children are more vulnerable to the ingredients contained in some popular disinfectants. NocoSpray is a patented technology that is a highly effective disinfectant for kindergarten because it is safe to use in environments frequented by children, biodegrading to oxygen within minutes and leaving air and surfaces germ-free. 

Why Infection Control for Childcare is Challenging 

  • Children take in as much as six times as much air as adults. Because of their size, children are nearer to ground level than adults and breathe up to six times more pollutants as this is where they are more concentrated.
  • Children’s multi-sensory behaviour means they tend to spend more time crawling or sitting on the floor.
  • Children have a greater radio of skin to size than adults, which leaves them vulnerable to taking in more toxins.
  • Children’s hand-to-mouth behaviour results in a greater consumption of dust, germs and other harmful residue than adults, including toxic chemicals from sources like cleaning products, pesticides, furniture, and more.

To select the best disinfectant for kindergartens, nurseries and other educational establishments it is, therefore, necessary to pay attention to the list of ingredients and remember that any of these chemicals may pose health problems, such as asthma or skin sensitivity, as well other toxicities. 

What is NocoSpray? 

NocoSpray is a quick and affordable way to help keep childcare environments safe from the harmful organisms that could be transmitted through the air or through contact. With a hospital-grade formula, NocoSpray produces a dry, disinfectant vapour that will kill 99.9% of all harmful pathogens it touches. It is ideally suited for environments used by small children as it contains no harsh chemicals and biodegrades within minutes to oxygen, leaving behind no residue. 

NocoSpray vapour has been proven to kill 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, mould, fungus, mycobacteria, and spores and is effective on transmissible diseases, including Covid-19, flu, gastro-intestinal virus and more. 

How does NocoSpray work? 

The NocoSpray system is a patented device that consists of two components – the NocoSpray appliance and the NocoLyse disinfectant solution. The appliance heats the NocoLyse solution to form a vapour which is dispersed throughout a room, effectively sanitising the room’s surfaces, as well as the air. The NocoLyse solution contains 6% of  hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), distilled water, and 30 ppm of silver. It has been thoroughly tested and is TGA approved for killing Covid-19. 

How to Use NocoSpray as an Effective Disinfectant for Kindergarten 

NocoSpray is meant to be used in indoor spaces with a volume of up to 1000 m3. One of its most attractive attribute is that it’s portable and can be used in any room. If the room is a large one, use more than one machine together. For much larger spaces, NocoMax can disinfect up to 20,000 m3 in one go. 

To disinfect with NocoSpray, first remove any debris and clean as normal. Make sure the room is empty of children and animals; close all windows and doors; and open drawers and cupboards if you want a through disinfection of the insides. NocoSpray has several programs to choose from. Simply select one and press the button to start. The machine takes 15 seconds to ensure you can leave the room before the cycle starts. 

In less than 30 minutes, the room will be sanitised and prepared for use again. As the emitted vapour is dry, surfaces do not need to be wiped down. Beyond that, NocoSpray is biodegradable and does not pose a risk to the environment. Furthermore, it is anti-corrosive and safe to use with all equipment in the room, including electronics and toys that may end up in precious little mouths. Spill-protection hoods can also be used in places where food is prepared. 

Benefits of NocoSpray in Kindergarten 

The nature of a kindergarten can make it difficult to contain infectious disease outbreaks, but NocoSpray is an effective and convenient solution that can safely play an important role in disease control. 

  • Will stop outbreaks by decreasing the transmission of airborne organisms, the spread of harmful micro-organisms, and by creating a safer environment.
  • NocoSpray provides a quick and effective solution. The appliance is easy to operate and employees can do other things while the appliance works.
  • It is biodegradable, non-toxic and leaves behind no chemicals that can be touched and ingested by small children.

Effective Disinfection for Kindergarten with NocoSpray  

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has demonstrated how to best stop the transmission of harmful pathogens that can be detrimental, and even disastrous, to mankind. Particularly where there are small children, it is important to prevent the spread of disease by safely decontaminating infected areas and disinfecting shared spaces frequently. 

NocoTech products are reliable and can be used in all areas in childcare facilities and can disinfect toys and apparatus as well as surfaces and the air. For further information about infection control for childcare with Nocospray, get in touch with us to find out more. 


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