Industrial Grade Solution to Pest Control

Infection control and insect control are two important components of public health. In both cases, the goal is to prevent the spread of illness and/or pests, respectively. Infection control is particularly critical in healthcare settings, as it helps to protect patients, staff, and visitors from potentially harmful pathogens. Insect control is also essential, as pests can carry diseases and cause extensive damage to property. By implementing effective infection control and insect control measures, organizations can help ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

Kill and eliminate all kinds of insects, creating a clean and sanitised area

Control and eliminate pests and insects using NocoSpray and the NocoTech Technology

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Industrial Grade Solution to Pest Control


NocoSpray Technology is a complete disinfection technology, without the use of harmful chemicals, that destroys 99.999% of all harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and yeasts. NocoSpray is a system of delivering MICRO-FINED NOCOLYSE (H2O2) ions to the surface of harmful micro-organisms. When delivered, new compounds are formed, which induce the micro-organism to self destruct, poisoned on their own chlorine. Nocospray leaves no residue, is non corrosive, CASA approved for use in aircraft and is 99.99% bio-degradable within minutes, breaking down into ions of air and water. NocoSpray Total Surface and Air disinfection is the answer to the ever rising threat of the SUPERBUGS, and other exceptionally transmittable organism, such as flu, gastro and virus. 

Industrial Grade Solution to Pest Control

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