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Leaders in Infection Control
Best Infection Control using NocoSpray

Leaders in Infection Control

Infection control is the practice of preventing the spread of infection. It is the process by which healthcare organizations work to prevent, interrupt, and mitigate the spread of infections.

This can be done by taking measures to prevent the spread of germs, by disinfecting surfaces and eradicating airborne germs and diseases, and by ensuring that everyone follows good hygiene practices. Infection control is essential for protecting patients and staff in multiple settings. 

NocoSpray and NocoMax are the leading air and surface disinfectants used for infection control.

Prevent Infections using NocoTech

NocoSpray Technology is a complete disinfection technology, without the use of harmful chemicals, that destroys 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and yeasts.

NocoSpray is a system of delivering MICRO-FINE NOCOLYSE (H2O2) ions to the surface of harmful micro-organisms. When delivered, new compounds are formed, which induce the micro-organism to self destruct, poisoned on their own chlorine.

NocoSpray leaves no residue, is non corrosive and is 99.9% bio-degradable within minutes, breaking down into ions of air and water.

Kills 99.9999% of pathogens

NocoSpray contains no harmful chemicals and disinfects a room within half an hour killing 99.999% of most germs, viruses & mould.

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The NocoTech Technology

Our dispersion equipment can be used to disinfect air and surfaces in an automated fashion, and kill mould and spores, with the help of biodegradable disinfectant chemicals. We are able to treat small spaces (operating theaters, laboratories, etc.) using the NocoSpray as well as huge volume spaces (agricultural industries, hospitals etc.) using the NocoMax.

NocoSpray - Leader in Infection control

NocoSpray® features that help with infection control

Easy to use

Quick two-step process is easy to learn and operate. Ready-to-use disinfection solution requires no mixing.

Supports Compliance

Lightweight unit (6 kg) is easy to operate, transport and store and promotes facility-wide Infection Control and Housekeeping requirements.

6-Log Kill

Achieves 6-log kill reduction (99.9999% kill rate) against multiple pathogens – This kill rate is generally considered sterilization.


Portable and robust standalone system disinfects any enclosable environment and requires only a single healthcare worker to operate.

Effective Treatment

Enables healthcare facilities to offer better patient care in a healthier environment and take preventive measures to control hospital acquired infections. (HAIs).

Cost-Effective Disinfection

Helps control overhead expenditures by improving productivity and preventing costly outbreaks.

Setting by Touch Pad

New Cycle Management system operated by easy to use Touch Pad.

Economical, Fast Action

Automated system treating room size/volume treatment area from 10 to 1000 m3 with a single device, using a Deconamination ratio from 1ml/m3.

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Can I use NocoSpray for Infection Control?

  • NocoSpray is a patented dispersion disinfection technology that vapourises disinfectant at the touch of a button in rooms up to 1000m3.

  • The vapour is effective in the air and on surfaces, killing microorganisms on contact.

  • Safe to humans and pets, the technology provokes a chemical reaction in pathogens causing them to self-destruct.
NocoSpray - Leader in Infection control


Air and surface disinfection machine to treat rooms up to 1000m3.

NocoTech is an incredibly effective way to disinfect surfaces and eradicate airborne germs and diseases. It is essential for protecting patients and staff in health care and aged care facilities, as well as in other areas such as pathology, imaging, mortuaries, morgues, transport, prisons, and ambulances.

It destroys surface germs and quarantines airborne diseases because it is a whole-surface and air disinfection system, allowing us to eliminate all surface bacteria and end outbreaks of Gastro, flu’s, and other airborne transmissible illnesses. This creates a considerably safer working environment for clients, employees, and everyone else in general.

Our Products

Can I use NocoMax for Infection Control?

  • NocoMax is a patented dispersion technology that vapourises disinfectant at the touch of a button in large rooms up to 20,000m3.

  • Suitable for businesses, hospitals, care homes and a wide range of applications.

  • Highly effective for infection control in large areas against a wide range of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.
NocoMax - Leader in Infection control


Air and surface disinfection machine to treat rooms up to 20,000m3.

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Why NocoSpray® & NocoMax for Infection Control?

NocoSpray is a revolutionary complete disinfection technology developed in France. NocoSpray Technology is the ultimate and simple disinfection solution particularly micro-organisms susceptible to H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

We have a number of our own ‘in house’ case studies demonstrating the efficacy of the NocoSpray technology.
Industry solutions

Infection Control Solutions

Infection control solutions in various industries using the NocoTech technology which is 99.999% effective against all harmful bacteria, viruses, Spore, fungus, moulds and yeasts


The Leading Air and Surface Disinfectants

A 3 minute disinfection kills 99.9999% of viruses (including COVID-19), harmful bacteria, germs, mould and yeasts.

* NocoSpray patented dispersion technology disinfects all hard surfaces achieving >6 log (99.9999%) reduction of infectious organisms including Clostridium difficile (C. diff), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Norovirus. Our solutions are simple to use, safe, environmental, non corrosive, portable. Proven to prevent the spread of disease and deadly pathogens.

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