Is NocoSpray recommended to reduce spread of COVID-19 in Aged Care Homes?

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted just how vulnerable aged care residents are to contracting infections. Furthermore, implementing good infection control measures to prevent communicable diseases from spreading when residents are in such close proximity and there are frequent visitors to the premises is challenging. NocoSpray is one of the premier solutions for the prevention and control of infection, delivering an effective solution that kills 99.99% or harmful organisms, including the strain of coronavirus that caused Covid-19. 

Effectiveness of NocoSpray

NocoSpray has TGA registration as a hospital grade disinfectant for its effectiveness against Covid-19 and has been laboratory tested against a myriad of organisms to claim complete spectrum effectiveness. As NocoSpray eliminates airborne organisms as well as those on surfaces, it is particularly valuable in the area of Covid-19 where transmission is through the air. 

What is NocoSpray?

NocoSpray is an automatic dispersion appliance that produces surface and air disinfection at the touch of a button. Just place a canister of NocoLyse (the disinfectant) into the device, choose the appropriate cycle and push a button to start the process before leaving the room and closing the door. Typically, after around 25 minutes, the cycle is complete and rooms up to 1000m3 are safe to re-enter. 

The product range for use in the NocoSpray’s diffusion machine is not just effective against Covid-19 but other harmful pathogens including bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens, but can also eliminate bed bugs, flying and crawling insects. They are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-corrosive, leave behind no residue and prevent development of germ-resistance. 

NocoLyse Disinfectant

The NocoLyse disinfectant destroy bacteria, viruses, spores, fungus, moulds and yeasts, as well as the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19.  NocoLyse is a ready-to-use bio-disinfectant that contains 6% hydrogen peroxide and silver. Used with the patented NocoSpray machine, the solution is vapourised and sprayed into the confines of a closed room and can penetrate hard-to-reach areas. However, as the disinfectant is vapourised, surfaces do not need to be wiped down afterward and are dry to the touch.  

Benefits of NocoSpray in Aged Care Homes 

The use of the Nocospray automated disinfection system is safe and effective for people and equipment. It is a multifunctional and convenient system that: 

Destroys 99.99% of Harmful Pathogens 

NocoTech technologies have been Laboratory Tested, against the Standard test organisms required.  Its effectiveness is verified against the complete spectrum of all harmful bacteria, viruses, spores, fungus, moulds and yeasts, such as Norovirus and other gastro-intestinal virus and flu, including Coronavirus. 

Effective of Bed Bugs and Scabies 

NocoTech products contain powerful insecticides that are effective against bed bugs, flying and crawling insects, including cockroaches.   


Safe for people, including children and vulnerable adults, as well as pets.   

Safe for Equipment 

It is safe to use in air-conditioning without corroding metal parts and is safe for rooms containing expensive equipment, including computers and televisions, without causing any damage. 

NocoSpray can be used all around an aged care facility, including 

  • residents’ rooms 
  • communal areas 
  • storerooms 
  • laundries 
  • toilets 
  • bathrooms 

Find Out More About the Effectiveness of NocoSpray in Aged Care 

Elderly residents living in aged care homes are particularly at risk from Covid-19 and other infections. Inadequate infection control can lead to a rapid outbreak across a community, which can affect everyone but be particularly perilous to those living residing there. NocoSpray’s range of products are tried, tested and safe and are the answer to keeping your facility free from the threats of infection with viruses, bacteria and Covid-19. 

Regular treatments of your facility with NocoSpray is recommended to prevent infection and maintain the highest standards of hygiene. NocoSpray is a powerful weapon against an outbreak–should it occur—and can help to keep safe the most vulnerable residents who are at risk from infection.  

This Video shows the ease at which NocoSpray can be used in Aged cares or any other enclosed settings.

Get in touch with us to find out more on NocoSpray and how it can keep the residents and staff safe during the Pandemic. 



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