DermapenWorld ACM Eco-Gloves Medium – Each pack includes 100 single gloves

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DermapenWorld ECO-GREEN GLOVES. Revolutionary. 80% fully biodegradable in 6 months. 100% in 5 years, instead of traditional Latex & Nitrile Gloves that take 100 years to degrade. ECO-GREEN GLOVES are: Latex Free. Biodegradable. Powder Free. Eco-Green.



DermapenWorld’s new fully biodegradable disposable examination gloves provide high levels of dexterity, protection and comfort to the practitioner’s hands during treatments.

Preventing the practitioner from coming into contact with cross contaminant risks such as dermatitis and prevent chemical irritants from causing inflammations.

Latex and Nitrile free due to their lack of ability to degrade, Dp Dermaceuticals disposable gloves use organic material that attracts microbial activity in landfills ensuring the unique biodegradable characteristic of the gloves. 20% of the biodegradation rate occurs within six months, with full biodegradation occurring within five years, helping to improve the companies carbon footprint.

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Dimensions20.0000 × 11.0000 × 6.0000 cm


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