DermapenWorld ACM STERILE Gloves Large – Single Pair

DermapenWorld ACM STERILE Gloves Large – Single Pair

DermapenWorld Sterile Surgical Gloves – Large.



Reduce the threat of infection with DermapenWorld Sterile Surgical Gloves. These premium-quality surgical gloves are available in individual sealed sterile (gamma irradiation sterilised) pouches and are suitable for a wide range of aesthetic/ clinical procedures.

Using correctly sized and fitted gloves are crucial for infection control to prevent stretch and tear that could put the practitioner and client at risk of cross-infection.

If practitioners protect their hands with correctly sized and fitted gloves, they are less likely to stretch and tear. This lessens the chances of the client or patient coming into contact with a potential health risk.

Conforming to high-quality standards such as EN 455, QSR, GMP, and ISO, our ergonomically designed gloves provide excellent barrier protection against harmful substances. Additionally, these gloves are high-quality, textured gloves with a comfortable that maintain superb sensitivity in both wet and dry conditions.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 13.5 × 0.5 cm


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