NOCOLYSE Mint 1 litre – Qty of 6

NOCOLYSE Mint 1 litre – Qty of 6

NocoLyse Mint – Bio-disinfectant sprays for surfaces



NocoLyse mint is part of the range of Bio-disinfectant sprays.

Based on hydrogen peroxide (6%), these disinfecting products are ready for use exclusively with the diffusion/atomising appliances of the NocoTech range.

The combination of NocoLyse/NocoSpray (or NocoMax) is effective against all types of microorganisms and enables surface and air disinfectant treatments that are effective against 99.99% of bacterial, fungal, viral and yeast pathogens.

Additional information

Weight 6.1 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 18 × 23 cm


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NocoSpray® features that help with infection control

Easy to use

Quick two-step process is easy to learn and operate. Ready-to-use disinfection solution requires no mixing.

Supports Compliance

Lightweight unit (6 kg) is easy to operate, transport and store and promotes facility-wide Infection Control and Housekeeping requirements.

6-Log Kill

Achieves 6-log kill reduction (99.9999% kill rate) against multiple pathogens – This kill rate is generally considered sterilization.


Portable and robust standalone system disinfects any enclosable environment and requires only a single healthcare worker to operate.

Effective Treatment

Enables healthcare facilities to offer better patient care in a healthier environment and take preventive measures to control hospital acquired infections. (HAIs).

Cost-Effective Disinfection

Helps control overhead expenditures by improving productivity and preventing costly outbreaks.

Setting by Touch Pad

New Cycle Management system operated by easy to use Touch Pad.

Economical, Fast Action

Automated system treating room size/volume treatment area from 10 to 1000 m3 with a single device, using a Deconamination ratio from 1ml/m3.

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