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terms and conditions

Before you go ahead and apply, please note the following terms and conditions:
  1. EQUIPMED shall be under no obligation to grant the Application for a Trade Account to the Applicant.
  2. The Applicant agrees to maintain a sales volume of AU$6,500 ex GST per rolling 12-month period. On the first business day of every month, the sales activity for the preceding 12-month period will be assessed. If the value does not meet the agreed level, the Trade Account may be closed and the Applicant will have no further access to the EQUIPMED Trade Portal.
  3. EQUIPMED may request copies of documents or references It considers necessary in order to consider the Application for a Trade Account.
  4. The Applicant agrees that a Trade Account in no way provides any credit facility and all orders must be paid for in full before dispatch.
  5. The Applicant warrants to EQUIPMED that:
    • the information supplied by the Applicant pursuant to this Application is true and correct;
    • it will notify EQUIPMED of any changes or developments adversely affecting the Applicant;
    • EQUIPMED may rely upon all the information provided in the extent that EQUIPMED Is induced to make a decision on the basis of the truth and accuracy of the information provided in this Application;
    • it has read these Terms and Conditions.
  6. The Applicant agrees that should this Application be accepted by EQUIPMED that payment of all invoices are due and payable immediately, except where EQUIPMED has expressly requested a deposit amount to be paid with a balance payable before goods are dispatched.
  7. The signatory to this Application, whose names appear herein, agrees they are personally able to make the Application on behalf of the named entity.
  8. EQUIPMED shall not under any privacy legislation disclose any personal information given by the Applicant to EQUIPMED pursuant to this Application to any entity unless provided for the purposes of this Application or with the consent of the Applicant.
  9. Should EQUIPMED approve this Application and should the Applicant purchase any goods from EQUIPMED then the Applicant agrees that it has read and understands EQUIPMED’s Term and Conditions of supplying goods which shall apply to each and every order.