What is the difference between sanitising and disinfecting? 

Sanitising is a term that’s often confused with disinfecting, but there is a difference. Sanitising refers to the simple act of removing germs, while disinfecting means killing germs. Both procedures are important, but it’s important to understand why you would use one or the other and why NocoSpray delivers the perfect solution. It offers industrial grade disinfectant, preventing the spread of infection by killing 99.99% of harmful pathogens from both the air and on surfaces—a crucial element in preventing the spread of infection during these days of Covid. 

 Why would you Sanitise rather than Disinfect? 

 It’s a good question given we’re now all conscious about not transmitting diseases and passing on infections. However, sanitising, disinfecting and cleaning all perform different roles: 

  • Cleaning is the process of getting rid of dirt and dust from surfaces. It does not remove or kill pathogens, but it is essential to perform this task before sanitising or disinfecting as it improves the effectiveness of these processes.
  • Sanitising does not exterminate bacteria but reduces the amount on surfaces to safer levels. It does not kill viruses. It tends to be used in food preparation areas because disinfectants often contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to humans if ingested.
  • Disinfecting kills bacteria and viruses identified on the product’s label and is the most effective way of preventing the transmission of infection.

It could be argued that there is now a greater need for disinfecting rather than sanitising. Thus, NocoTech offers a product that is biodegradable, safe to use in food preparation areas, kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens—including Covid-19—and disinfects both the air and surfaces in a room at the touch of a button. 

 What is NocoSpray? 

 NocoSpray Tech is an affordable hospital-grade air and surface disinfectant that works on harmful pathogens, including MRSA, staphylococcus, pseudomonas, norovirus, (and all other type of gastro-intestinal virus), flu and covid 19. It keeps surfaces and air moist-free. It is perfect for use in damp areas because it inhibits the development of mildew, but it is also safe to use in areas where there are electronics as it won’t damage equipment or other objects in a room. Equipmed is the distributor for NocoTech products in Australia that has its roots in France with Oxy’Pharm.

How Does NocoSpray work? 

NocoSpray is a portable disinfection appliance. It is used with NocoLyse—a disinfection solution that consists of 6% hydrogen peroxide, distilled water and 30 ppm of silver.  The NocoSpray appliance heats the NocoLyse solution which vapourises it. This is released into the atmosphere as a dry, ionised vapour that kills pathogens on contact—both in the air and on surfaces. 

Each NocoSpray appliance can treat an area of up to 1000 m3.  For larger areas, several NocoSprays can be used simultaneously, or the NocoMax treats up to 20,000 m3. 

There are various cycles that can be run with NocoSpray. Each requires that rooms are first cleaned, windows and doors shut and vacated of humans and animals before the NocoSpray cycle is initiated. In as little as 30 minutes, the room and air is disinfected. Check out this short video of NocoSpray in action sanitising and disinfecting an ambulance.

Benefits of using NocoSpray   

  • Aerial disinfecting allows treatment of the air and hard surfaces, even unreachable areas. It also provides even distribution of the product.
  • NocoTech brings maximum simplification to disinfection with an appliance that is highly portable, can be used effectively in any closed environment and is easy to operate.
  • The NocoTech range of products are biodegradable, leaving no residue behind, environmentally friendly and are non-corrosive to all surfaces (including electronics).
  • Humans and animals must not be present in the room during the disinfection treatment, but NocoSpray is safe to use in a variety of settings, including hospitals, care homes, aircraft, veterinary practices, hotels, food preparation areas, schools, kindergartens, homes and many more.

NocoTech – A Versatile System  

NocoTech don’t just offer air and surface disinfection, but the NocoSpray appliance is also effective at eliminating both crawling and flying insects, including bed bugs. 

The system is also a complete sporicidal technology that eliminates yeasts and moulds. It kills airborne spores and mould on surfaces—particularly in those hard-to-reach places that may be missed if cleaned manually by hand. Areas prone to mould that are treated regularly can prevent and control the growth of mould that not only looks unsightly but is a health hazard, particularly to people with lung and breathing difficulties. 

Irrespective of what industry you are in, you can avail the benefits of using NocoSpray. To find out more how it can help check our Industry Page here.

NocoTech – One of the Most Effective Disinfectant in Australia 

NocoSpray is a powerful way to keep yourself and family safe against the variety of infectious diseases out there. Infection control is a major issue everywhere these days, including our home and work environments, as well as in hospitals and care homes where vulnerable patients need to be kept safe. NocoSpray’s dry disinfectant vapour is one of the most effective and powerful infection control solutions in Australia. If you’ve questions about our products, we’d love to hear from you. 

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