What makes NocoSpray the most reliable disinfectant for Universities?

New terms at universities bring a lot of people together in a close environment. So, how can these institutions provide a safe and secure place for students to learn with a changing environment where infections can spread quickly? Controlling transmission in universities is difficult because of the numerous students, the complexity of the social circles, and the potential for those who don’t exhibit symptoms to spread infections. 

Transmission of Infection in Universities 

When the term begins, universities face unique challenges. Students at university come from a wide geographical area. They are exposed to all sorts of new people, where the cross-transmission of infections can happen all too easily. 

As common with other 20- to 30-year olds, students have a lot of social interaction and contact. Student accommodation usually involves communal living; a hall of residence may house several hundred students, or an all-student household can be found through the private sector. Contact is necessary in lectures, tutorials, and group classes, where a lecturer and hundreds of students may be present, or small, close relationships may form through direct teaching. 

It’s a conundrum choosing the appropriate infection control measures, but NocoSpray is a surface and air disinfectant that can go a long way to solving the problem. 

What is NocoSpray? 

NocoSpray is an appliance that disseminates a dry, disinfectant vapour into the atmosphere. It effectively kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens and can prevent the spread of infection from both airborne and surface-borne contaminants. Used in conjunction with NocoLyse—a disinfectant solution containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), distilled water and silver—NocoSpray can disinfect a complete room at the touch of a button. 

How Does NocoSpray Work? 

NocoSpray is a patented, portable disinfection solution that combines two components—the NocoSpray appliance and the NocoLyse disinfectant solution. The NocoLyse is released into the atmosphere as a vapour and disperses evenly throughout a room—even those places that are difficult to reach manually. 

NocoLyse contains 6% H2O2. It kills contaminants dead on contact by causing them to self-destruct. Therefore, there is no risk of micro-organisms ever becoming resistant to NocoSpray technology. 

How to Use NocoSpray in Universities 

NocoSpray is designed to be used in closed environments of up to 1000 m3. The beauty of it is that it is portable and can be used in any room. For larger rooms, you can use several machines together, or the NocoMax which can disinfect areas up to 20,000 m3. 

To disinfect a room with NocoSpray, the room must be cleaned first and any debris removed, such as papers or anything else that can harbour germs. It is possible to leave drawers and cupboard doors open, allowing the NocoSpray to disinfect the inside of storage cabinets. 

NocoSpray has a number of programmes. Simply choose one, and press the start button. There is a delay of 15 seconds to allow you to leave the room before the cycle starts. Although NocoSpray is safe to use in areas used by children, animals and vulnerable adults, the equipment must only be used in an empty room with the windows and doors shut to ensure effective disinfection. 

In as little as 30 minutes, the room will be disinfected and ready for use again. As the vapour emitted is dry, there is no need to wipe down surfaces. Furthermore, NocoSpray biodegrades and is not harmful to the environment. Plus, it is anti-corrosive and safe to use with any equipment within the room (including electronics). It can also be used in areas where food is prepared. 

Why Choose NocoSpray for Disinfecting Universities 

University environments can be challenging to contain infections, but NocoSpray is an effective and simple-to-use solution that can play an important role in infection control in universities. 

  • Lab-tested, it is effective against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungus, yeasts, spores and viruses, including flu, gastro-intestinal viruses and other communicable diseases of concern.
  • TGA approved against Covid19
  • Can prevent outbreaks by shutting down the transmission of airborne organisms, reducing the spread of harmful micro-organisms and creating a safer environment.
  • NocoSpray is a quick and effective solution. Staff can be getting on with other things while the appliance does its job.

NocoTech—Reliable Disinfectant for Educational Institutions 

There is little doubt that Covid-19 has provided a focus on the best ways to prevent the transmission of harmful pathogens that can be detrimental, and even devastating, to humankind. Where there are large numbers of students, it’s vital to reduce risks by decontaminating infected areas and preventing infection by disinfecting communal areas often. 

Check our write up for Infection Control for Schools which again reiterates the need for infection control in schools during covid and even otherwise.

NocoTech is a versatile solution for Universities and is effective in accommodation blocks, dining halls, kitchens, libraries, bathrooms, lecture theatres, changing rooms, gymnasiums and all over campus. For further information about NocoSpray’s surface and air disinfection products, get in touch with us to find out more. 

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